Damaged or Missing Component Replacement Services

If you have discovered a missing or damaged component in any title published or supported by Game Salute, please use our request form to request a free replacement.

Game Salute does not provide free replacements for components that are worn out or damaged through normal use or accidental breakage.

If you have any questions please read the following FAQ. If you find that your question has not been answered please contact us at Service@GameSalute.com or call customer service at 1.888.57GAMES


Are parts available for all products sold by Game Salute?
We are able to replace components for most of our games. Occasionally a replacement may be out of stock or no longer available. If we are unable to fulfill your request we will let you know. You may need to return the game if we cannot get additional components.

Will I be charged shipping for my request?
No. All replacements due to shipping or manufacturing issues we will be sent to you free of charge.

Should I include a photo of the damaged item(s)?
Yes, if possible. A photo will help us ensure that we send you the right components. If you are requesting a missing component please be as descriptive as possible, including the color and number if necessary.

How long will it take to process my request?
Your request should be processed within 2-4 weeks, unless we are currently out of stock and awaiting a reprint. In this case, we will contact you about the delay and place your request on hold until the new pieces arrive. At certain times of the year (holidays and conventions, primarily) there may be a slight delay in processing replacements.

Can I buy components from a game?
In some cases, yes. Please contact us for more details at Service@GameSalute.com

Will you replace the box or insert for my game?
If the box or insert were significantly damaged in shipping, we will send you a free replacement. For these requests, please be sure to provide pictures so we can understand the cause of the damage and resolve shipping issues.

Thanks for your support!