Game Salute Announces The Princess Bride Board Games

Inconceivable!  The Princess Bride: The Board Game will be a series of tabletop games, published by Game Salute, with product releases beginning in 2013. In order to do justice to the entire story, The Princess Bride: The Board Game is comprised of individual scenes, with each scene presenting a mini-game that advances players through the central story.  This allows players looking for a quick, fun visit to a beloved classic to play a game that lasts under an hour, while players who want to experience the entire Princess Bride story in one sitting can enjoy an epic day of fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... Dan Yarrington, CEO of Game Salute, expressed the enthusiasm of the entire Game Salute team for the project: "I absolutely adore The Princess Bride! It's a classic tale full of excitement and adventure for the whole family. With so many classic scenes, it's a perfect fit for our new Storybuilding Game™ line. Our entire team is thrilled to be working on creating amazing game experiences for players of all ages". 

Princess Bride MockupGame Salute has a team of top-notch game designers putting together individual scenes for our initial release, and you can participate in expanding the game. If you have a good, quick game that would make a good Princess Bride scene, you can fill out our submissions form to start the process of submitting your work to be considered for a scene in The Princess Bride: The Board Game. Game Salute has rights to publishing board games, card games, dice games, party games, roleplaying games, and game accessories for The Princess Bride. And each of these titles will tie back into the board game line, so you can mix and match scenes to fit your gaming group. This is your chance to brave the perils of the fire swamp, challenge your friend to a battle of wits, or just have fun storming the castle!  When we're through with it, these Princess Bride games will be exactly... As you wish.    

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