Preview Nights

preview_nightsPreview Nights are an awesome event series powered by Game Salute. Preview Nights allow Select Stores to receive advanced preview copies of games to show off to their local communities. These copies are shipped to arrive at participating stores a few weeks before the main release of each game. This provides a unique opportunity for folks to preview these games in advance and even purchase them early in Select Stores that host Preview Nights. Stores determine the details of when they preview the games, so they can fit it into their schedule and run as many events as they’d like leading up to the release. Each Preview Nights bundle includes a complimentary copy of the game for the store to keep for their Game Library to feature both before and after the event.

Select Stores can easily sign up for Preview Nights by calling 1-800-459-5516, or by emailing Game Salute. If you are not a Game Salute Select Store, and are interested in joining your colleagues, then fill out our Select Store form here.

Current & Upcoming Preview Night Titles

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