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Substances expansion for Chaos & Alchemy available today!

Londonderry, NH - November 21, 2014: Brand new in your stores today, the first expansion for Chaos & Alchemy - Substances! Read full story

Three Brand New Princess Bride Games Announced!

Londonderry, NH - November 14, 2014: Game Salute is delighted to announce the launch of the Kickstarter for three brand new games based around everyone's favourite film - The Princess Bride! We've pulled in three fantastic designers to create As You Wish, A Battle of Wits and Read full story

Bigfoot Found On Game Store Shelves!

Londonderry, NH - November 7, 2014: Fresh from the forest, Bigfoot is now available in stores! This fun little brain burner was designed by Scott Almes (also of Tiny Epic Kingdoms fame) and published by Game Salute sees a quick-witted Bigfoot and the clever Cryptozoologist Read full story

The Tabletop Games Hall at PAX East

As seen in the Boston Globe and at Report by Doug Atkins Read full story

Machine of Death Makes Its Way To Stores!

Londonderry, NH - October 31, 2014: Webcomics genius Malki! of Wondermark fame had an question: What would happen if there was a device that could tell you how you're going to die? Not when. Not where. Just a quick allusion to the nature of Read full story

King's Forge Apprentices Now On Kickstarter!

Londonderry, NH - November 3, 2014: Following the incredible success of King's Forge it's no surprise that the fans wanted more, so who are we to refuse? Currently running on Kickstarter, the campaign for the Appentices expansion has been firing up the masses who are all looking to make their Read full story

Fast & Furious Hits PAX Australia!

Melbourne, Australia - November 2, 2014: In amongst all the excitement you'd expect to find at PAX Australia, gamers were thrilled to discover something secret at the Game Salute booth. Fast & Furious, based on the wildly-successful film franchise, is coming to a tabletop near you! Bringing Read full story

Game Salute Hits PAX Australia!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - October 31, 2014: Day One of PAX Australia, the Penny Arcade Expo, was met with a huge amount of success and Game Salute was a part of the experience for a lot of gamers out there! Our great Game Salute Ambassadors were showing off some of our favorite titles to Read full story

Science Friction Joins The (Cluster)fight!

October 10, Londonderry, NH - The latest expansion for our fantastic party game Clusterfight is now available in stores! Science Friction brings together all of your favourite pop culture icons from the world of sci-fi to help you create even more nerdy battles. Whether you side with Star Trek Read full story

Game Salute Bringing Cthulhu Wars To The Masses!

Londonderry, NH - October 1, 2014: Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (where $1.4 million was raised), Green Eye Games are now working in partnership with Game Salute to bring the much-desired Cthulhu Wars to stores early next year! Come 2015, gamers who missed Read full story