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I'd Hate to Kill You

We're delighted to announce a new development in our upcoming The Princess Bride series of games, I'd Hate to Kill You Read full story

Alien Frontiers Big Box

Alien Frontiers was first published in 2010, and since then the game has grown in both popularity and as an experience, through expansions such as Factions, Outer Belt and its numerous mini-expansions. The concept of a "Big Box", a complete collection of a game and Read full story

An Expanding Universe #2

Alien Frontiers Expansion Pack #2 contains: 2 Agenda Cards; 4 Alien-Tech Cards: Deflector Shield, Field Amplifier, Field Propagator and Fleet Interlink; 5 Player Reference Cards, summarizing the use of each Facility on the board; and a blank Alien-Tech Card.

It has been released this Read full story

Capture Kickstarter Launches!

Capture: A Medieval Wargame has been lovingly designed by Andrew Hunzicker and has been extensively tested over many years. Art and design has been completed for the game. Capture now needs your support to advance into production and march onto your table! Read full story

Discover the Outer Belt

An asteroid belt has been discovered around Planet Maxwell, a valuable new resource for the colonization of the planet... Alien Frontiers: Outer Belt, an exciting new expansion for Alien Frontiers, is now available from local and online stores

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Capture - Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Capture is a strategy board game with a classic feel and tactically rich game play... plus catapults! It is gearing up to launch on Kickstarter in early February, so watch this space, and brace for impact!

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Sunrise on the Frontier

A new faction has arrived for Alien Frontiers! Sunrise Commune. Fleeing persecution on Earth, Sunrise Commune came to Planet Maxwell looking for solitude, acceptance, and peace; unfortunately, the other factions are making their own play for the new world and solitude and Read full story

Three New Releases From Around The World

Londonderry NH - December 12, 2014: Three brand new releases from some of our partners hit the stores today, allowing you to turn wandering monsters to stone, fight as long as you can in the face of an unending army, and experience democracy - board game style!

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Troll Hunt Box and Setup Roll D6's Troll Hunt Available Now!

Londonderry, NH - December 3: Game Salute and Roll D6 Games are proud to announce the release of Troll Hunt, a highly challenging but incredibly entertaining puzzle game where players must take down armies of Trolls as they wake from their sleep! As the sun goes down, the Read full story