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King's Forge

The forges have been hot for 2 years now! And with Glassworks just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to recap some of the reviews and responses to King's Forge in one place. Prepare for a King's Forge overload! Firstly, some nicely-done video overviews and reviews...

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New Hampshire, USA - Game Salute, LLC. is proud to announce Planetarium, a board game designed by Stéphane Vachon. Planetarium is a competitive game for 2-4 players of ages 10+ that plays in 30-45 minutes.

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Game Salute Distribution Expands
Game Salute, publisher of popular titles such as Alien Frontiers, King's Forge, and Nothing Personal, officially announces it is expanding its distribution effective May Read full story
Gaslight Empire Card Games

Skyway Robbery released in January, our first big-box game set in the Gaslight Empire. To celebrate this release we are pleased to announce two upcoming titles set in the same universe... that in many ways continue the story of Skyway Robbery. Both games are small card games, Read full story

King's Forge Second Edition Hits The Shelves!

January 22, 2016 - Nashua, New Hampshire: Following a successful Kickstarter campaign and delivery to backers all around the world, the all new printing of King's Forge is now in stores! Nick Sibicky's dice-rolling delight has been in major demand for some time with copies of Read full story


King's Forge 2nd Edition is about to hit shelves, and a new expansion is about to hit Kickstarter on January 12th. Glassworks is the first expansion to introduce a whole new material... glass. Crafting with Read full story

Inhabit The Earth Now Live On Kickstarter!

October 20, 2015, Nashua NH: Following the incredible success of Keyflower and its two expansions, designer Richard Breese released his latest design upon the gaming world; Inhabit The Earth. Inspired in part by the Ravensburger classic Wildlife Adventure, this entirely new Read full story

Life and Times of a Board Game - October 2015

Here's a copy of our monthly newsletter, The Life and Times of a Board Game! To subscribe to the newsletter enter your email in the form at the bottom of this post.

Life and Times of a Board Game - September 2015

Here's a copy of our monthly newsletter, The Life and Times of a Board Game! To subscribe to the newsletter enter your email in the form at the bottom of this post.

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Nothing Personal: Reloading!

A violin case full of new expansions for Nothing Personal are set to be released at GenCon. Releasing are two small box expansions, Power & Influence and Associates and two special mini-expansions, Read full story