Kind Words

We at Game Salute are very proud of our work and take pride in every game title we publish. You don’t have to take our words for it though; here are a few satisfied customers and what they think of the Game Salute process.

“I dropped by the booth during PAX and had a really great time there. Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful staff and volunteers. Thanks again!”

Ricky D. (customer)

“really glad to have received the game [Ruse] and I’ve been having a blast playing with my friends. Is there an expansion in the works? Would totally love some more cards to play with/able to play with more than 5 players!”

David C. (customer)

“I wanted to take a second to thank them for getting me a replacement board for my Alien Frontiers 4th edition so quickly. It had a bubble in it (something under the top layer) and they didn’t hesitate to get me a new one. Communication was quick and responsive.”

Thomas C. (customer)

“[KerFlip is] such a great game and we can finally dump Scrabble, which I’ve wanted out of the house for a long time!”

Jason R. (customer)

“Just wanted to say thanks for shipping the alien frontiers early. I have been able to play it a few times so far and it is really a blast. I haven’t even tried the factions yet. Excellent game and all the components are really great. Can’t wait for the rocket dice!”

Tim T. (customer)

“Just a quick note to let you know my copy of Ruse arrived today! Excellent job, love the quality of the print and artwork and especially the book box!
Really impressed with the work you guys have done :)

Katharina L. (customer)

“I would like to say that the Nothing Personal campaign was well-handled by Game Salute. They helped in the process, produced a fantastic looking game, and published it right on schedule. ”

Tom Vasel (Dice Tower host and designer of Nothing Personal)

“I appreciate your sense of customer service. You have absolutely the right attitude. I’ve seen it in how you’ve kept backers informed and [your comment] just cements my positive opinion. ”

Cal D. (customer)

“One of the amazing things about this game is it’s your 52nd Kickstarter project but it’s a most creative game, like you’re just getting started, doing your best work yet, deep into the process of posting always unique creative projects… some very smart creative work, sustained over a long period of time.. definitely superlative.. and then also, the game is a really cool spin on UFO’s and the Wild West… good work.”

@TheArtFactory, Area 1851 backer

“This is THE edition to get, tuck boxes and the Upgrade Pack! I have a 3rd edition and I half want to buy it again – [when] it goes on sale DON’T tell me, or do if you want me in the poor house  ”

Max S., regarding Alien Frontiers 4th Edition

“Game Salute kicks total butt once again! I’ve gotten to the point where as soon as I see the Game Salute logo on Kickstarter it’s damn near an instant backing.”

Justin (Monsters and Maidens backer)

“Thank you for taking this [King's Forge] so seriously and making this something you want to be proud of.”
James V. (customer)

“Thanks Game Salute! You’ve set the bar high for how a Kickstarter campaign should run!”
Alex P. (customer)

“Truly fantastic communication! Every#boardgames publisher should do this.
@LeviMote – Twitter

“It’s tempting to think just anyone can throw out a decent idea and fund big on Kickstarter – especially if you see folks like Game Salute running a campaign. They make it look so easy. But anyone who’s tried to run a Kickstarter campaign on their own knows it isn’t easy at all; that having Game Salute doing all the things they do behind the scenes is like having a little man who spins your straw into gold. It’s good, high quality straw, and totally necessary to the process! But still, what Game Salute does with it is magic.

PS: This is just a metaphor. Game Salute does not accept promises of first-born children as payment.”

Jeremy Anderson (designer)

“Wow, [Pixel Lincoln] absolutely sets the standard for how to produce a deck builder.”
Matt E. (customer)

“Excellent communication and great customer service. Kudos.”
Rafael F. (customer)

“Wanted to let you know the game arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again for your excellent customer service. I have told every gamer I know about how you handled this situation! Thanks again.”
Keleb K. (customer)

“I would like to give a shout out to Game Salute. My package was missing a button and the gamebox was damaged, but I contacted Game Salute and they fixed me up. They replayed to my email quickly, their damaged/missing form was easy to use, and they shipped the pieces quickly with no cost to me. Fantastic customer service!”
Scott K. (customer)

“I received my copy of Nothing Personal today. It was worth the wait–excellent quality. Thank you for correcting the situation regarding the errant shipping. I really appreciate it.”
Mike Brugato (customer)

“I received my copy of Nothing Personal today. It was worth the
wait–excellent quality. Thank you for correcting the situation regarding the errant shipping. I really appreciate it.”
Mike Brugato (customer)

“Thanks again, all set now. You guys are awesome, I understand why Tom selected you now.”
Kevin Grubb (customer)

“I just wanted to say – the entire Game Salute Team that came to PAX Australia this weekend were fantastic – super friendly, taught so many games and I ended up buying what little stock I could get my hands on. Just thanks so much for making the table top area that bit more awesome! :)”
Glen Abeywardena (customer)

“The package arrived this morning already! Best customer service ever from a board game publisher that I have ever experienced. Thank you both so much!”
David Lowry (Nashville, TN)

“Game Salute are true heroes for independent game companies. They really take the daunting task of fulfillment and distribution and streamline it with utmost precision and leave the game designers to think about creating more games! Working with Game Salute has been excellent and they have always communicated clearly with us as we got our sea-legs on in the world of making games. Much respect and gratitude to the Game Salute team.”
Shelby Cinca (Mysterian Games)

“I originally had three huge paragraphs here about potential challenges with warehousing, shipping, and distribution but I was able to wipe them off the face of the internet due to partnering with Game Salute, a company that has a proven track record with those exact things.”
Nicholas Yu (Zucchini People Games, LLC)

“Can’t say enough good things about their dedication to excellent customer service and satisfaction. Wonderful company…”
Thomas Covert (Customer)

“The folks at GameSalute and Clever Mojo have been very warm, professional, and kind to me. I consider them my friends and I am committed to working with them for the long haul as long as they’ll have me. Soon I hope to be working on my next project under the GameSalute banner. I feel a sense of mutual respect and confidence in them that you simply cannot buy. They have earned it from me and I hope they feel similarly. I am not afraid to speak highly of people who treat me right, and they definitely have so far!”
Ian Stedman (G.U.Games)

“Thanks Andy, I really appreciate the fast response. FYI, I bought Carnival directly from your booth at PAX 2012, Heartland Hauling via Kickstarter, have always been pleased with Game Salute, and thus will happily continue to look for games by you guys that interest me.”
Gregg Lauer(Customer)

“Wow that was a record customer service response! You guys a great. Thank you so much! Have a great day.”
Joseph Rispoli (Customer)

“Alien Frontiers is a money pit. It’s worst than Magic the Gathering and X-Wing miniatures game. I’ve spent so much already. Holy crap. Stop making cool stuff!”
Rafael Fuentes (Customer)

“Thanks for shipping so fast. I got my games yesterday. MY GOD, THEY ARE GLORIOUS…Thank you guys for making such an awesome kickstarter launch!”
John Tropiano (Customer)

“I received the cubes today! Thank you very much! You’re awesome and Game Salute is awesome.”
Amy DeGeus (Customer)

“… It’s good to know that you guys take care of your customers. I hope you have a great day.”
Scott Fredrickson (Customer)

“I’ve become a fan of these guys after the incredible customer service they provided me from their US base all the way to me here in the UK. After a delivery went awry, they wasted no time in resolving the issue and immediately dispatching a new order direct to my address. Constant email contact with Dan, Andy and Brandon kept me up to date and everything was resolved in the best way possible – I got my game! I’ll definitely be dealing with these guys again. I recommend you trust them too.”
Graham Campbell (Customer)

“Game Salute was amazing at selling out and shipping the second print-run of Alien Frontiers in less than a week. Dan and his team are more than just a shipping center; their industry knowledge and keen perspective make them invaluable members in the Clever Mojo team.”
David MacKenzie (Clever Mojo Games)

“Game Salute has been just about the most accommodating company I’ve worked with. I like that they’re open to handling the parts of my business that I desperately need help with, while letting me run the parts I want to run. I know that other people working with them have different needs than me, and some of them need help with selling on the web, some need help with fulfillment, some want to be represented at trade shows, and so on. Game Salute can handle whichever pieces of the puzzle you want them to handle.

Dan Yarrington has been quite accommodating too, on a personal level. He listens to my rants and turns them into actionable plans that we’re both on board with. I can worry about game design and production knowing that Dan is skilled at working with retailers, giving them the terms and kind of deals they expect, and the customer service that they deserve.”
David Sirlin (President of Sirlin Games)

“Being a small publisher, it was difficult getting distributors and stores to carry our first game Eleminis. In the space of a few months, Game Salute got us into 3 more distributors and a bunch of new stores. Featured Fulfillment is a great way for startup publishers to get their foot in the door of the game industry.”
Matt Laird (Manager, Smileypop)