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All Us Geeks (December 8, 2013)
Dan Yarrington, CEO of Game Salute, joins Jeff and Jordan to discuss Game Salute’s contributions to the gaming business, as well as how Game Salute fits in to the Kickstarter environment. Dan also answers questions gathered from some of our listeners and ends by sharing a few Kickstarter lessons.

Game Salute: A New Kind of Publisher? (June 20, 2013)
Game Salute styles itself as a new kind of publisher, one that does much more than handle marketing and fulfillment (fulfillment meaning “getting the game out to customers”, from receiving, to warehousing, secure storage, picking, packing, shipping, tracking, sales to stores globally and customer service).

Bring Your A-Game (March 29, 2013)
Several designs of dice, or dice rings which we featured last year, have found their way to Kickstarter since the crowd funding site launched. Bring Your A-Game thinks the folks at Game Salute have hit upon the coolest idea for dice yet – Rocket Dice.

The D6 Generation (March 8, 2013)
Dan Yarrington of Game Salute returns to the D6 show to join Craig and Russ to discuss Trade Shows.  How are they different than conventions, what are they like in the gaming industry?

KickStarter Conversations (February 8, 2013)
When I called Dan Yarrington from Game Salute I didn’t expect to talk to him for more than two minutes, let alone more than twenty! Originally I just wanted to find out more about the Storm Hollow rebranding issue that I wrote about earlier, but during our discussion deeper issues about the Kickstarter formula and the future of boardgame Kickstarters rose to the forefront.