Game Salute Announces Bombinoes!

Londonderry, NH, April 12, 2013 - Game Salute is proud to welcome Daniel Nayeri into our family of developers.  Daniel Nayeri is responsible for Bombinoes.

Bombinoes is a game of quick and varied connections, in which players attempt to form mental links between small simple images - A rainy day and a cup of coffee might be attached to each other as "wet things," while the coffee and a clock might be attached as "things starting with the letter C" or "things to help you wake up in the morning."  The individual tiles are put into order by each player individually until one has made enough connections to reach the center tile.  However, once the chain is made the player must be able to talk through all of the connections in a way the others can understand.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that there are various tiles players can use to slow each other down or force each other to make more difficult connections.

Bombinoes has multiple game modes using the picture tiles, and promises to be wild fun for the whole family.

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