History of Game Salute

Where We've Been

From humble beginnings as an organization designed to improve media support in the tabletop games industry, Game Salute has expanded steadily into a worldwide platform for the creation, sales, and distribution of top-shelf quality board and card games.

In 2008, Game Salute began as a side project for Dan Yarrington, Founder and CEO of Myriad Games, a successful chain of board game stores. With the stated purpose of "providing tools and services to make the tabletop industry a better place," Game Salute began providing product evaluation, reviews, media support, industry news, and general consulting and advice.

In 2011, at the request of a handful of new publishers, Game Salute expanded into fulfillment and distribution as well as supporting the launch and success of the first board game campaigns on Kickstarter.com, notably with Alien Frontiers, the first big success in board game crowdfunding. In 2012, Game Salute expanded to co-publishing and expanded our sales and distribution network.

During the past few years, Game Salute has grown expansively, adding our own publishing division for best-selling games like Alien Frontiers, Princess Bride: Prepare to Die!, King's Forge, Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!, and many more.


Where We're Going

Game Salute has grown substantially since we began back in 2008.

As we enter another year of growth, we're focusing on continuing to improve the efficiency of our operations, continuing to expand our sales and distribution channels all around the world, reprinting and expanding product lines for those titles we've published, continuing our top-shelf sales and distribution for the best publishers in the board games industry, and continuing to exercise our expertise in crowdfunding campaign management and fulfillment.

We're dedicated to creating and delivering the highest quality board and card games to our customers, improving the quality of life of our staff and business partners, enabling an entire generation of innovative creators, and revolutionizing the format of the tabletop games industry as a whole.


Our Team


Dan has over 15 years of experience in the tabletop games industry. As the founder of Myriad Games, he is dedicated to helping game stores become more friendly and professional. He has served as a consultant for game stores and publishing studios around the world, optimizing operations and creating innovative options for improving game companies of all sizes.


James has over 20 years in the collectible and tabletop games industry. He started selling at collectibles shows in 1990 and then was a co-owner of the Comix and Cardz Etc. hobby store. In 2001 he co-founded Hero Factory Inc. to produce licensed trading cards and served as a consultant for Bandai America Inc. in the collectible card game market. From 2007-2012 James served as Bandai’s Games Division Sales Marketing Manager, working with hobby game distributors, overseeing their Organized Play Network and co-creating the Star Trek DBG.


Dann has been working professionally in the visual arts for 20+ years beginning in the mid 90′s as a regular illustrator for Australian Realms RPG Magazine. He’s served as a graphic designer, specializing in brand identity for a wide range of businesses, as a multimedia designer, toy designer, and art director on dramatic and educational 3D animation projects. As well as his art directing duties he continues to illustrate and design many Game Salute titles. Dann is a long time tabletop game enthusiast (yep, since red box DnD) and his love of games and game design continue to inspire his work.


Cody is best known in gaming circles as the co-founder of the popular “Game On! with Cody and John” gaming podcast. A lifelong Hoosier, he works as a graphic designer in the Indianapolis area where his other non-gaming hobbies include baseball (Go Reds!) and playing the euphonium in local community bands. Cody first got introduced to hobby gaming through games like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, then later through Gen Con (where he met his wife, Kalen).



In addition to the above, Game Salute has a dedicated service and support team who do everything from packing and shipping to editing and campaign management to marketing and promotional support.

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