Game Salute Local Support

gs_local_supportGame Salute Local Support enables backers to pledge their support to exciting projects AND support their favorite local stores.

The Problem: Pledges through crowdfunding campaigns do not benefit local stores since none of the funds from those pledges go to stores. The backer receives the product directly from the publisher. Stores provide invaluable services to local gaming communities. Publishers like Game Salute want to ensure we're supporting them in turn.

The Solution: Game Salute Local Support

How It Works: Any crowdfunding campaign that offers Game Salute Local Support enables backers to pledge as they normally would AND have their pledge benefit their favorite local store, just as it would if they had purchased the item there.

  • In order to participate, stores simply register at
  • Any stores who are not yet registered there can sign up easily through this one-page-sign-up form. Make sure your favorite store is listed today!
  • In order to participate, a backer simply chooses their preferred local store from the delivery survey at the close of the campaign when pledges ship.
  • Their pledge package is shipped to their preferred store and they can pick it up there when it arrives.
  • Pledge packages shipped to individuals and to store locations are shipped at the same time.
  • There is no additional cost to the backer for choosing to support their local store.
  • Since pledge payments have already been remitted through the crowdfunding campaign, and backers are simply designating a different preferred delivery address, there is no separate payment or paperwork when you pick it up from your preferred store. The store simply verifies your identity and remits your package.
  • The store receives credit from Game Salute for their next order placed directly with Game Salute, just as if you had purchased the game through them. Thanks for supporting your favorite local stores!
  • If you do not have a local store, or your local store is unable to receive your package and remit it to you, your pledge package will be shipped directly to you.
  • Game Salute Local Support is automatically available for all Powered by Game Salute titles (those published by Game Salute itself).
  • Game Salute Local Support is an option available to all our supported Publishers as well. Each publisher can choose to opt-in to Game Salute Local Support.
  • Each backer will be notified of the Game Salute Local Support option when they receive their delivery survey for that campaign.

Questions about Game Salute Local Support? Contact us today.

Local stores can also take advantage of Game Salute Local Support to pledge directly to campaigns. If you're a store, you simply complete the survey as you normally would, choosing your own store. Your store will receive your  full margin on the total you pledged!

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